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Service along with Leadway’s actual core business, the manufacture and sales of machines. Marketing competition required increasing and extra value for clients, service becomes more and more important. Leadway's service is all-around and from beginning to end, we serve to our clients the complete beforesales consultation, in-sales support and after-bdles service. No mdtter how lung your machine used, our services are available throughout the machine's useful life for every client.


Circumspect Technology Team:


Leadway technology team is well known more than 20 years in injection molding machine industry, we not only R&D machines which are popular in market, but also use our powerful technology to lead our clients to a higher efficiency, more saving and higher quality manufacturing area.


Fast Service System:


With Leadyway's modernized management system, we will try our fastest to inform our cooperation, agency or our frontline service personal the service requests, arrive at the scene at the first time to solve problems.


All-around consultation centre:


Leadway technology team’s core business: help clients to solve problems, provide turn-key projects and make solutions on projects. We analyze all the difficulties and give clients the suitable solutions, recommend clients the suitable machines. The whole solutions from economic and suitable machine, high precise and high efficiency machine to the marketing development trend machine, clients can choose one of them according to their buying ability and necessary.


Quick Global Delivery:


A high quality service always depends on the suitable spare parts’ delivery time. Leadway serve to our clients 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. There are enough normal parts stocks in our headquarters and our cooperation and agency area; for special parts, we will accept without delaying a single day, and try our utmost to deliver them, as quickly as possible so as to ensure the speedy restoration of clients' production.